We appreciate all of our clients. To those who have sent us the following testimonials, thank you.
“Exceptional! David is an extremely competent attorney. He handled a financial elder abuse case for me and my family with compassion, patience and professionalism. He is very perceptive of people, and understood our defendant’s games and tactics which helped greatly in how we moved through our case. I highly recommend David.”
– Anonymous
“David, my children and I so greatly appreciate the work you have done for us. We thank you so much for your help in resolving our Trust matter.”
– Sherry
“David Hallstrom provided excellent legal counsel. I spoke to at least two dozen small and large law firms and was not comfortable with any of them until David. He helped resolve a difficult family trust issue with competence, fair billing and great communication. I highly recommend retaining David Hallstrom should you need an attorney with Trust litigation experience. Thank you again David.”
– John
“David Hallstrom is a supremely competent attorney. He litigated a complex estate dispute for us with grace and professional excellence, leading us to a solid win! 10/10 would recommend Mr. Hallstrom, and would absolutely work with him in the future should the need arise.”
– Lauren
“David was our legal representation. Every detail was handled in a professional and expedient manner. I would not only recommend David, but I have full intention of using his firm for my future legal needs.”
– Randy
“David was excellent. He handled the case professionally and thoughtfully. I do not enjoy dealing with legal issues as I have had several really unfortunate experiences before. I also know the differences between good and bad lawyers. David was knowledgeable, listened to my concerns carefully, and provided different options I might pursue with their unique affordances and limitations. I felt cared for and understood, and the process was transparent and clear. He was always available via email, and answered every question I had, with his own unique personal touch. You would not regret hiring him.”
– Anonymous
“David is an excellent lawyer. My brother died with a number of properties, a floozy in his house and my sister who wanted to take significantly more of his estate than she was due. David executed every action necessary to bring my case to a close. David has been a great lawyer.”
– Robert
“Extremely professional, timely, knowledgeable and diligent to protect you and get for you what you deserve. One thing that impressed me the most is that they are very honest and told me like it was even if it was something I didn’t want to hear. They are great at managing expectations and in my case didn’t over commit and under deliver.”
– Mark B.

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